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New (28 Oct. 2020) Enlarging trust in coronatime an online NLP workshop for Ramallah:

'Building up trust', download the powerpoint for free.


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Non-Violence Communication workshop for Serbia 18-06-2020

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  Be inspired by Nelson Mandela

 NLP, NLP-Zwolle,

mmeren, co-counselen, co-counselling, Dror, NLP, NL

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Workshops (real life and online) for:

Ramallah, Gaza,

Sombor, Serbia (click here)

NLP workshop in Gabon, West Africa

NLP workshop in Gaza, Palestine

NLP workshop on non-violent communication in Ramallah in the youth prison

In this courses you learn not only NLP but also NVC and SFW

NLP = Neuro Linguïstisch Programming

NVC = Non Violent Communication

SFW = Solution Focused Work

we work also with: Cocounseling

and AVP (alternatives to violence program)