A complete PowerPoint with sensory acuity!





Which of these 5 senses gives you the most menaing to your life ?

Sharp Sensory Acuity

Your communication starts with your senses.

Information from out side (exernal signals) are transformed to your brains:

This is ofcourse an important filter, because only the signals which we can see, hear, smell, tast and feel are going through to the brain.

What happens in our brain?

In our brain we Filter the most information: we Delete, Deform and Generalise.

All the information which is in our memories, time, space, matter, energy, languages, decisions, metaprograms, values and beliefs and attitudes are part of the filtering proces.

Then from here we make our internal representation, which influences our emotions and physiology. This together makes our behavior.


The NLP communicationmodel gives you understanding how we make our internal representation:

An exercise which helps you to focus at small changes in the physiology which can have an important meaning:

Pay attention to all this litle changes and be aware how many emotions you see now!